Nodinite for BizTalk

Nodinite is a single solution platform that enables administration, logging and monitoring of all your BizTalk Server environments

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What is Nodinite for BizTalk

Nodinite for BizTalk Server is always aware of your BizTalk Server environment(s), so are you. While your systems communicate with each other through BizTalk Server, it takes care of everything from logging to monitoring. You save precious time and can focus on your core business instead of complex problems surrounding system integrations.

You are in good company


Replace BAM and get Logging & Monitoring for ALL versions of BizTalk Server

Nodinite provides monitoring and logging of all you BizTalk Servers. You can now replace BAM and get a very powerful archiving without any development effort.

Self-Service for your business

Nodinite provides self-service access for your business and other stakeholders using role-based views. Access to BizTalk Server artifacts can now be delegated with fine grained control without the need of the BizTalk Server Administration console.

Secure your BizTalk Server enviroments

Your sensitive data logged with BizTalk retains its protection within Nodinite and all user operations are audit logged. No more blame game

Get Aware of your Problems

Whenever there is a problem in your BizTalk Server environment you will get alerted on virtually any channel using the build in Alarm Plugins. Most common problems with BizTalk Server can be resolved from within Nodinite using Remote Actions

For all your BizTalk Server versions

Nodinite supports all editions and versions of BizTalk Server 2006 to BizTalk Server 2020

Plug'n'Play - No Pipeline components, no schemas, no bindings

Our competitors force you to hard code your solution using schemas and pipeline components. Nodinite uses the data that already exists in the BizTalk Server databases without the need for any coding and/or changing solutions to enable both Logging and Monitoring.

Unparsed Interchange / Serialized Interchange

Do you know that the messagetype is unknown even for BizTalk when you use passthru pipeline components? Nodinite has a cute feature to allow you to overcome this limitation enabling a better logging experience

Overcome the Bugs in BizTalk Server

There are some nasty bugs in BizTalk Server. Nodinite has features that help you overcome these. As an example, please read the “Recommended tracking settings for default pipelines” user guide

BizTalk tracking is NOT an issue!

This is usually a misconception. It is also often the result of bad usage. The BizTalkDTADB was never designed to deal with large amounts of Tracking. Nodinite was initially built to replace BAM and also replaces the need for long term storage of data in BizTalk Server itself. Use our recommendations to boost the performance of your existing BizTalk Server environment.

End to end tracking and monitoring

BizTalk Server is probably not the only integration platform you use. With Nodinite you will get end to end tracking, and end to end monitoring among others like IBM IIB, Mulesoft, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Integration Services, WS02, Dell Boomi and other technologies like SQL Server, SQL Databases, PostgreSQL , IBM MQ, RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus, ActiveMQ, AnypointMQ, FTP/FTPS, SFTP, Non-Events, IIS, Web Services, Certificates, Windows Server, Files, Queues, Blobs. Dynamics 365 (CRM), IBM Datapower, Stored procedures, SSIS, Azure Web Jobs, Windows Event Log, CPU, Disk, Memory, Network, Scheduled Tasks, Windows Services, Log files (parse for anything), SQL Backups, SQL Jobs, NFS, SMB, SQL Database size checks. And you know what? You only need 1 license!!!


12 000SEK
per month
  • Access to latest version
  • No transaction/user limits
  • Access to technical support
  • All environments included (Test, QA, Prod)
  • All other logging agents included
  • All other monitoring agents included
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